Help Us Show These Families They ARE NOT ALONE!!

Lindsay Spence- In May 2019, Lindsay was diagnosed with Stage 4 Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. She is currently undergoing a treatment plan. She is the proud mom of 2 boys, Hunter & Conner

Jess Facchine-In Dec. 2018 after removal of a tumor Jess was diagnosed with Stage 3 Thyroid Cancer that had spread to her lymph nodes. In Feb. Jess underwent surgery to remove the thyroid and lymphomas on the right side. In June she began her radioactive treatments. Her strength through all this has been her husband, Chris and 2 kids. Giovonni and Ava.

Richie Woods, At age 4 Richie was diagnosed with NF1 (Neurofibromatosis Type 1) a genetic disorder that causes tumor growth throughout the body. The pressue on his brain caused from the tumors triggered epileptic episodes. A biopsy was preformed and the tumors were cancerous. Due to the location of the tumors they were inoperable and only treatable with heave doses of radiation. Because of the location of the tumors and the intensity of the treatment parts of the brain associated with memory and learning retention were significantly damage. The seizures still continue today. At age 30, Richie has defied all odds. He requires 24/7 care provided by his mom. He is rarely seen without a smile on his face.

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