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Ahmaud Arbery Family Lawyer Says D.A.'s, Cops Criminally Investigated by FBI

The lawyer for Ahmaud Arbery's family says the federal authorities met with them last week and said they have launched a criminal investigation into the conduct of 2 district attorneys and members of the police department that allegedly covered up… ... Continue Reading

Staten Island Shoppers Chase Woman Out of Store for Not Wearing Mask

To mask or not to mask -- Staten Island shoppers are beyond debating that issue ... instead they're just shouting rule-breakers right out of stores. It was straight-up mob justice when a woman went shopping for groceries this weekend without… ... Continue Reading

Kentucky Governor Hung in Effigy Over Coronavirus Restrictions

It's really frightening ... a 2nd Amendment Kentucky rally the day before Memorial Day turned into an insane display of Governor Andy Beshear being hung in effigy. It makes no sense, other than some gun-toting fanatics wanting to whip the crowd… ... Continue Reading

Queen Guitarist Brian May Suffered Near-Fatal Heart Attack

Queen's guitarist, Brian May, got a double shot of "Another One Bites the Dust" ... first with an agonizing crushed nerve, followed by a heart attack. Luckily, Brian lived to tell the tale himself, but he says for a good week he was in absolute… ... Continue Reading

Trump Threatens to Move Republican Convention Out of N. Carolina

Donald Trump wants thousands of Republican delegates crammed into the convention hall in North Carolina ... or else. Trump just tweeted he will move the Republican Convention out of North Carolina unless Governor Roy Cooper gives assurance the… ... Continue Reading

Kobe and Vanessa Bryant's Baby Capri Takes First Steps

Get this kid on the court -- Kobe and Vanessa Bryant's youngest took her first solo steps, and the video will make you cheer like it was one of her dad's dunks. Capri Bryant, the 11-month-old phenom, took 4-5 giant baby steps Sunday ... stumbling… ... Continue Reading

Elon Musk and Grimes Change Baby's Name to Comply with Law

Elon Musk and Grimes pushed the envelope thaaaaat much too far because it turns out their baby's name is against the law!!! As you know, Elon and Grimes had a baby boy earlier this month, whom they named X Æ A-12 Musk. But then, people started… ... Continue Reading

Inflatable Hippo Costume Worn for Safe Hugs is Selling Out

Hundreds of air-filled hippo suits are selling out, possibly because they provide extra protection for folks to hug their loved ones ... as demonstrated by one loving daughter on TV. The hippopotamus ballerina costume is ballooning in popularity,… ... Continue Reading

Eric Byrnes Blasts MLB's Public CBA Feud, 'I Don't Give Two S**ts!'

"I don't give two sh*ts about your collective bargaining agreement and neither does anybody else right now!" That's former MLB star Eric Byrnes going IN on players and owners for their roles in a nasty, public CBA feud ... telling TMZ Sports he… ... Continue Reading

'RHOA' Brings Back Yovanna for Season 13 as Official Cast Member

The snitch is back!!! That's probably how the "Real Housewives of Atlanta" cast will react after learning Yovanna Momplaisir's returning next season as an official cast member, so get ready for more of her drama involving NeNe Leakes. Sources close… ... Continue Reading

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