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Wendy Williams' New Guy Friend Says He's Not with Her for Fame or Money

Wendy Williams' new guy is sick and tired of people thinking he's hanging with her in hopes of landing a sugar mama ... because he insists he's not about that life. Sources close to Marc Tomblin tell TMZ ... he doesn't care at all about fame and… ... Continue Reading

Kim Kardashian's First Freed Inmate Raves About White House Appearance

Kim Kardashian definitely earned her title as Princess of Prison Reform ... using her celebrity status for good has yielded nothing but positive results, so says one of her freed prisoners. The first prisoner released under the First Step Act… ... Continue Reading

MMA Fighter Suing After Suffering Severed Leg In Gruesome Car Accident

A pro MMA fighter nearly had his leg cut off his body in a gruesome car accident last year ... and now he's suing the California Department of Transportation, claiming it's responsible for his tragic injuries. It's all in court docs obtained by TMZ… ... Continue Reading

Lil Xan's Photo Shoot Gun Looks Similar to Weapon in Gas Station Incident

The firearm that has Lil Xan under investigation currently by the LAPD ... looks very similar to a handgun he whipped out -- suddenly and unexpectedly -- during a photo shoot. We've obtained behind the scenes images from the shoot Xan did… ... Continue Reading

Andy Ruiz Movie Role Ain't For Me, Says 'Ant-Man' Star Michael Pena

Michael Pena has played everyone from Cesar Chavez to Luis in "Ant-Man" ... but the one role you WON'T see him in is heavyweight boxing champ, Andy Ruiz.  ... and why? "Because I'd have to gain a lot of weight, my wife would kill me!"… ... Continue Reading

Jake Paul Ain't No Justin Bieber, I'll Actually Fight Celebrities!

Jake Paul says he ain't just talk when it comes to fighting celebrities -- telling TMZ Sports he'll throw hands with ANY famous person who wants smoke ... as long as they "pull up" to his house.  Of course, Jake's brother, Logan Paul, DID… ... Continue Reading

St. Louis Cardinals 'Inspired' By Blues' Stanley Cup Win, Says Manager Mike Shildt

The St. Louis Blues' Stanley Cup run will HELP the city's baseball team ... so says Cardinals manager Mike Shildt, who tells TMZ Sports the hockey champs have "inspired" his guys!!! Of course, nobody gave the Blues a chance to win Lord Stanley back… ... Continue Reading

Hot Dad Bods -- Guess Who!

There is no better way to celebrate Father's Day than to take some time and appreciate the proud pops sharing their shredded shots. Even after having kids, these dads have plenty to show off and today is the perfect time to take a closer look ...… ... Continue Reading

Notre Dame Priests Wear Hard-Hat Helmets in First Mass Since Fire

Paris' archbishop ditched his holy headgear for something a little more practical during the first mass in the Notre Dame Cathedral since the fire ... opting for a helmet instead. Archbishop Michel Aupetit and a number of his fellow clergymen held… ... Continue Reading

Chris Cornell's Estate Locked in Dispute Over Daughter's College Tuition

UPDATE 5:45 PM PT -- Vicky's lawyer, Marty Singer, tells TMZ ..."We are shocked that Lilly filed a claim in probate court since for over 2 years Vicky, with no legal obligation to do so, paid all of Chris' remaining child support despite it being… ... Continue Reading

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