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College Admissions Ringleader Rick Singer Says FBI Told Him to Lie About Bribery

The FBI told the ringleader in the college admissions scandal to lie and say his clients knew he was bribing college officials, and when he wouldn't play ball they yelled at him ... this according to Rick Singer himself. It's a stunning, possible… ... Continue Reading

Jermaine Dupri Says Usher's New 'Confessions' Isn't About Herpes

Some people think Usher's new "Confessions" track has a line about him copping to herpes -- but his pal Jermaine Dupri says they need to listen closely ... cause they got it all wrong. Jermaine cleared the air Wednesday about speculation… ... Continue Reading

Steve Madden Blames Coronavirus for Fashion Spat, But All's Forgiven

Steve Madden seems to be laying part of the blame for his fashion fracas with fellow designer Stacey Bendet at the feet of the coronavirus -- but all's well that ends well, right?! The retail mogul wasn't in all that much of a chatty mood Wednesday… ... Continue Reading

John Singleton's Son Seven Ready for Preschool, Baby Mama Requests Funds

John Singleton's youngest child son is growing up so fast ... little Seven is about to start preschool in Bev Hills, and the late director's baby mama wants his estate to cough up the tuition. Rayvon Jones has filed a petition asking Singleton's… ... Continue Reading

CDC Says These Facial Hairstyles Can Prevent Diseases Like Coronavirus

The CDC declares these 13 facial hairstyles are totally IN for men who don't want to go out and catch the coronavirus, a few are questionable ... but 18 others gotta go!!! This is very strange -- and equally concerning -- but the Center for Disease… ... Continue Reading

Harry Morton's Official Cause of Death is Irregular Heartbeat

Harry Morton died from an irregular heartbeat ... according the L.A. County Coroner's Office, which confirms what his family had been told by the coroner. TMZ obtained a copy of the autopsy report, and it offers a more clear picture of what the… ... Continue Reading

Cedric the Entertainer Condemns Arrest of 6-Year-Old Girl in Florida

Cedric The Entertainer says the cop who arrested a 6-year-old girl over a school tantrum did more damage than he may realize -- because the kid's probably scarred for life. We ran into the comedian Wednesday at LAX and asked him to weigh-in on the… ... Continue Reading

Ric Flair Says He Was Hesitant To Give Epic Lakers Intro After Kobe Memorial

Ric Flair is all about putting on a show ... but he knows this is an emotional time for the Lakers ... which is why the WWE legend tells TMZ Sports he had to think twice before giving his epic intro for the team Tuesday at Staples Center. Flair got… ... Continue Reading

'Shark Tank' Star Barbara Corcoran Hooked in $380k Phishing Scam

"Shark Tank" star Barbara Corcoran is missing nearly $400,000 Wednesday morning after her office was victimized by email scammers who used a tiny typo to gain the upper hand. The scam started last week when an email chain was forwarded to Barbara's… ... Continue Reading

Tyler Perry's Nephew Dead from Suicide By Hanging in Prison, Family Suspicious

Tyler Perry's nephew appears to have killed himself behind bars -- but the answer officials are giving the family doesn't have them convinced it wasn't foul play. Sources with direct knowledge tell TMZ ... the filmmaker's 26-year-old nephew, Gavin… ... Continue Reading

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