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Mike Tyson Says Conor McGregor Deserves 2nd Chance, 'Really Kind Man'

Mike Tyson says Conor McGregor is a "wonderful person" who's earned a shot a t redemption with the public ... telling TMZ Sports, "He's a really kind man." The boxing legend was leaving Cipriani in NYC on Thursday -- around the same time Conor was… ... Continue Reading

Miley Cyrus Will Keep Pets in Liam Hemsworth Divorce

Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth didn't have any kids together, but they DID share tons of pets ... and now that they're divorcing, Miley's keeping all of the animals under her roof. Sources close to the former couple tell TMZ ... Miley will keep her… ... Continue Reading

Vic Mensa Says Lives Are For Sale Because Gun Sales Trump All

Vic Mensa straight-up says that, in Donald Trump's world of extreme capitalism, everything's for sale ... including people's lives. The rapper made a passionate plea for gun control, telling TMZ ... this country's long overdue, but says it'll never… ... Continue Reading

'L&HH' Star Rah Ali Rips Cardi B's BFF Star Brim Over Nicki Minaj Beef

The Cardi B and Nicki Minaj beef is back in full swing ... and their sidekicks are declaring an all-out war. 'Love & Hip Hop' star Rah Ali is throwing serious shade at Cardi and her bestie, Star Brim ... calling Star nothing more than a cheap… ... Continue Reading

Enes Kanter Says He's Thinking About Getting an American Name

NBA star Enes Kanter says he's still about 2 years away from becoming a U.S. citizen ... but when it DOES happen, he tells TMZ Sports he might have a new name too!!! Of course, the 27-year-old Celtics hooper has been labeled a terrorist in his home… ... Continue Reading

Wrestling Legend Ron Simmons 'Memba Him?!

Georgia-born Ron Simmons is best known as the championship-winning, All-American heavyweight wrestler in the World Championship Wrestling (WCW) in the early '90s and was one half of the tag-team duo Doom and went on to be a part of the Nation of… ... Continue Reading

WWE's Seth Rollins and Becky Lynch Get Engaged

WWE superstars Seth Rollins and Becky Lynch are both officially off the market ... the wrestlers just got engaged!!! Seth and Becky announced the big news Thursday over social media ... with Becky calling Seth's beachfront proposal the happiest day… ... Continue Reading

Conor McGregor Says He Was 'In The Wrong' For Punching Man, Talks Miami Arrest

Conor also says he was targeting a July fight against UFC stud Justin Gaethje, but he hurt his left hand during a sparring session which screwed up the plans. He was also asked who he wants to fight now ... and Conor said he's got his sights set on… ... Continue Reading

Adam Lambert, Usher Victims of Open House Burglaries

Ackerman's attorneys, Gary Jay Kaufman and Elana Goldstein, tell TMZ, "The District Attorney's press release, by specifically naming Usher and Adam Lambert as alleged victims, only emphasizes what we have believed from day one, that this is a… ... Continue Reading

Bam Margera Checking Himself Back Into Rehab After Relapse

Bam Margera is putting himself back on the road to recovery -- on the heels of leaving rehab yet again, and ending up in a bar ... we've learned he's about to give rehab another shot. Sources close to Bam tell TMZ ... he's voluntarily entering a… ... Continue Reading

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